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Quest provides residential and rehabilitative services across 5 sites within the Halifax Regional Municipality. 

Quest Regional Rehabilitation Centre

The Quest Regional Rehabilitation Centre is located in Lower Sackville. This service offers intensive support for 24 clients who reside at the site.  The Quest clinical team works with clients to build skills and community supports which assist clients to move to smaller community settings which enhance their new skills and allow for maximal community access.  Quest operates two such community options:   Albyn Avenue Group Home in Dartmouth and Roywell Small Option in Lawrencetown.

The Regional Rehabilitation Centre has two living areas known as units, with single rooms for clients. Each bedroom has a chest of drawers and a locker for personal belongings.  Televisions, gaming systems and stereos, are permitted following approval for safety reasons by maintenance staff. Telephones, internet and cable are available, based on program approvals. Bathroom and shower facilities are shared with other clients on the unit. but are conveniently located.  Bed linen and towels are provided.

Albyn Avenue Group Home

The Albyn Avenue Group Home is wheelchair accessible and offers specialized physical and behavioural support to four clients with complex needs. Clients are able to participate in Project 50 vocational  programs working at other sites, as well as placement projects in industries. When they are not at work programs residents are involved in household chores such as meal preparation and folding laundry, supported by staff.
van trips, hikes, sight-seeing, and seasonal activities such as apple picking are also part of the daily itinerary at the Albyn Avenue home. 

Roywell Drive Small Options

The Roywell Drive small option home provides specialized support to three clients, all of whom have physical and/or behavioural requirements. In addition to being wheelchair accessible, the home has a bathtub lift, hospital bed and a lift chair.

The country setting is a big plus, and clients are able to enjoy day trips in the van to parks and nearby beaches. Clients are able to interact with the community when they attend various appointments and recreational opportunities..

Quest Country Cottage

Quest is closely associated with the Association for Special Needs Recreation Charity which operates a country cottage in Musquodoboit Harbour Nova Scotia. This beautiful setting offers summer swimming, camping and country village opportunities.  The Charity offers these opportunities throughout the care continnum on request.

Quest Administrative Offices

Quest administrative offices are located on the ground floor of the Macdonald Building, 2131 Gottingen Street, Halifax Nova Scotia. The Quest Community Behavioural Support Service outreach team, Quest Human Resource Manager, Financial office and the office of the Executive Director are located at this site.